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Are you considering renovations for your home in Edmonton? Are your windows and doors in your Edmonton home in need of some TLC? Make no mistake about it; when doing renovations in Edmonton, choosing the right custom windows and doors is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when it comes to the aesthetic value of your home!

Here are three excellent reasons you should consider custom windows for your home rather than stock ones:

  1. Far greater number of design options. Stock Edmonton windows offer limited generic design and colour options. When you go with custom-made windows, you have a near unlimited range of styles and possibilities. The only thing limiting you is your imagination! Select the exact materials, design, styles and colours you desire for the effect you want to achieve. Stock Edmonton windows mean adapting your desires to what is available. Custom-made windows allow you to give each room its own unique style treatment—inside and out.

  2. Nicer fit and finish. One of the advantages custom-made Edmonton windows offer is painless installation with little or no patching and a minimum of gaps to fill. The gaps around stock windows can be an eyesore and can potentially pose problems with leaks and lower energy efficiency. Stock windows almost never fit the exact opening left when an older window is removed. Stock dimensions change with time and what was considered standard twenty years ago may very well be a custom size today. Fitting a stock window into an opening made for another window means shimming, adding insulation and trying to make it look passable. Inside it means sheetrock work, plaster and paint. Outside you have to add siding or widen casings. But it will always look like what it is—an afterthought. Plus, your stock window will be smaller than the original, meaning less light into your home. A custom-made window will look perfect in the opening it was designed to fit—no ugly patching or lost light.

  3. Higher energy efficiency and overall quality. Aside from the clear aesthetic advantages custom Edmonton windows offer, they are also often of superior quality. This means a longer trouble-free life and a higher energy efficiency coefficient.

For your windows and doors in Edmonton, come to Classic Exteriors! We’ve been doing quality renovations in Edmonton for over thirty years.

Contact us at Classic Exteriors today and let us help you get started with your new custom window installation in Edmonton!


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