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As the expert installers of doors and windows in Edmonton, Classic Exteriors can handle window and door projects of any size or scope. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing home, we have the manpower, experience, and resources to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications. Additionally, we will continuously communicate with you during each phase of the project to ensure you are fully aware of the process and satisfied with the progress being made.

Installing new windows and doors to Edmonton homes is one of the best ways to give your home’s exterior an instant improvement. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure each of our clients is happy with our work, which is why we provide a service warranty on every project. We are experts in the field, fully capable of customizing our services to fit your needs.

Energy-Efficient Edmonton Windows — Custom-Sized for Your Home!

When you’re searching in Edmonton for windows, look no further than Classic Exteriors. We’re not only experienced professionals, but can accommodate homes with doors and windows that are of an unusual shape or size. All of our windows are Energy Star®-rated and come in both double and triple pane. Being Energy Star®-rated means that our windows meet requirements such as:

 Contributing significant energy savings

 Increasing energy-efficiency

 Offering the ability to recover your investment in increased energy savings

 Hosting special features such as coatings, glazing, and inert gases

We can colour match frames, and there are many styles of Energy Star®-rated windows from which to choose. Some of the most popular styles of energy-efficient windows are PVC, wood, and aluminum. We carry both double and triple-paned windows.

To meet the above requirements and increase the energy-efficiency and comfort of your home, we offer windows with:

 A unique glaze to prevent solar gain, ideal for south-facing windows

 Double-paned and sealed with a non-toxic gas for greater efficiencies

 Foam-filled frames to help reduce drafts and prevent the transfer of thermal energy

As much as a third of the energy used to heat or cool your home could be going right out the window. By installing energy-efficient windows, we can help put a stop to this drain on your financial resources! For homes around Edmonton, windows with high energy efficiencies are also a great selling point.

Window Care Tips

How to Prevent Condensation on Your Edmonton Windows

When you have new energy-efficient windows, it's important for Edmonton homeowners to know how to care for and maintain window conditions. With winter in full force, you may have begun to notice condensation or water droplets on your windows. Condensation is one of the most common issues homeowners encounter during the wintertime. 

Windows tend to be colder than the air in your home because their glass is being cooled by the outdoor air. Condensation occurs when water vapor in the warm air condenses on the cool glass of your windows, much like a cool drink in the hot summer. This condensation can lead to damaged wooden surfaces, icy window frames and rotting wood. The top 3 ways to maintain your windows in the winter and prevent such problems are to: 

Reduce moisture levels: 

Every time we use water in our homes we increase moisture levels in the air. You can reduce condensation on your windows by eliminating plumbing leaks, covering crawl spaces with vapor barriers and sealing basement walls and floors. 

Increase ventilation: 

Increasing the ventilation in your home removes moisture, which in turn reduces condensation on windows. Edmonton homeowners should always use ventilation fans in bathrooms and ensure your kitchen exhaust fan is routed outdoors. 

Replace old windows: 

Newer windows have better insulation and sealant, which increases your energy-efficiency as well as your ability to fight off condensation. Replacing older, leaky windows with newer models will help reduce your condensation levels.

Energy Star®-rated windows can reduce window condensation compared to single-paned windows. If you would like to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows in Edmonton, contact Classic Exteriors for completely customized windows and doors designed to perfectly fit your home.

Rely on Us for Beautiful & Durable Custom Doors in Edmonton

Need a new front entrance, patio or side door? No matter the height or width, Classic Exteriors can accommodate your unique design needs. As a premier installer of windows and doors in Edmonton, Classic Exteriors offers numerous door styles and options. Some of the most popular styles include fibreglass, steel, wood, patio and garden doors.

Classic Exteriors carries a number of stains and colours, as well as a variety of glass and glazing options available. One thing all our doors have in common is that they are all energy efficient. Having insulated, energy-efficient doors installed is a great way to reduce your heating and cooling expenses!

Approved Vendor for Energy Efficiency Alberta

We're proud to be an approved vendor to install exterior windows and doors for the Alberta Home Improvement Rebate program! Energy Efficiency Alberta offers performance-based rebates in accordance with how much energy your home improvement project saves. Please contact our sales team for more information!


If you’re thinking about completing a DIY window or door project, or hiring just any contractor from the phone book, don’t do so until you talk to our experts. We can help save you a bundle of money, as well as many headaches along the way. Call Classic Exteriors today to get started!

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