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Soffit & Fascia

The Experts in Soffit and Fascia Edmonton Trusts

Your roof structure is vital for keeping your home both dry and comfortable. While you may think upgrading your home’s roofing material as the first step to bettering your roof’s overall structure, it’s important to not forget about soffit and fascia. Edmonton homeowners can turn to Classic Exteriors for all their soffit and fascia needs. Our team of experts can easily match up your soffit and fascia to virtually any siding choice. And, we can do the work independently of other exterior renovation work, so if you only want to have your soffit and fascia updated, that’s no problem. 

What Are Soffit & Fascia? 

Soffit and fascia are both part of your roofing structure. You can find soffit underneath the roof’s eaves’ overhanging section. It helps ventilate the attic by using small holes to circulate air into the space. Fascia is the trim at the roof’s edge, connected to the rafters of your roof and attached to the eavestroughing. Its main function is to protect the edge of the roof from the outdoor elements. 

Essentially, soffit and fascia on your Edmonton home are used to:

 Prevent small animals and birds from getting up under your roofing

 Offer ventilation for attic areas above the house

 Complement your exterior décor with additional aesthetic purposes


soffits and facia

Different Types of Soffit & Fascia in Edmonton

Classic Exteriors’ soffit and fascia products are available in:


Aluminum is easy to install and requires less maintenance than other soffit and fascia materials. This type of material also comes in various colours, making it customizable to your home’s existing exterior look. Furthermore, its malleability makes it a great fit for oddly shaped spaces. 


Faux Wood – For the richness and beauty of wood without the maintenance cost, try faux wood soffit and fascia. This maintenance-free material won’t rot, warp, peel, or fade. It can’t be penetrated by insects and can be installed in any weather. It is also environmentally friendly.

Longboard®, a faux wood product, is one of our specialties at Classic Exteriors. We offer Longboard® soffit and fascia in a wide variety of colours and wood-grain finishes. Check out one of our latest projects using Longboard®.

Request a Free Estimate from Classic Exteriors

When it comes to taking care of your home’s exteriors, we don’t skip on the details. That’s why Classic Exteriors is your go-to place for soffit and fascia in Edmonton. The way your soffit and fascia look can influence the entire exterior aesthetic. You can hire our team to provide soffit and fascia service as a part of your overall outdoor renovation project with us or as a service independent to other exterior renovation work you are having done. From siding and insulation to windows, doors, and eavestroughing, our team can handle it all.

Start planning your soffit and fascia project with Classic Exteriors. Contact us to request a free estimate.

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