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When it Comes to New Siding in Edmonton, Your Options are Numerous

Recent technological advances make today’s siding more affordable, more energy efficient, longer lasting and better looking.

Let’s take a look at the types of siding available and their relative advantages and disadvantages:

Fibre cement has a strong reputation for low maintenance and stability. It’s composed of an engineered mixture of sand, clay, cement and wood fibre and molded to look like shingles or wood clapboard. It comes in a variety of factory colours or can be painted. It is especially compatible with cold northern climates because it resists expanding and contracting, which means paint and caulking last longer. It costs about the same as wood clapboard or shingle siding, but is very heavy and requires special tools and techniques to install.

Vinyl siding in Edmonton is tough, reasonably priced and comes in a variety of colours. Recent manufacturing advances mean it can closely recreate wood grain clapboard and shingles and because colour impregnates the material and scratches don’t show. It is lightweight and can often be installed directly over old siding. Vinyl siding in Edmonton cannot be painted, so you’re stuck with the manufactured colour, but it is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl siding is available with an insulating backing. Discarded vinyl siding is an environmental concern as it doesn’t decompose in landfills and the manufacturing process may produce dioxins and other toxins.

Wood siding and shingles are unbeatable when it comes to the warm beauty it adds to your home. It is offered factory primed to reduce labour costs and ensure optimal protection against moisture. It is relatively easy to install, but old siding generally has to be removed before. Wood siding comes in a variety of species and grades… with a corresponding range of prices. Wood siding in Edmonton can last decades if it is properly maintained. Engineered wood siding is also tough and resists extreme weather. It is cheaper than natural wood or fibre cement, and new manufacturing processes mean some companies offer 50-year warranties.

Aluminum siding is extremely resistant and low maintenance. In many instances it can be painted. It is very reasonably priced and withstands strong weather because of how securely it is fastened to walls. It is a very poor insulator, however, and is prone to visible impact damage and scratches.

At Classic Exteriors, we’re your Edmonton siding specialists. We also do siding repair in Edmonton. In fact, whatever you may have in the way of outdoor renovation needs in Edmonton, we can probably help.

Call us today at Classic Exteriors for your free renovations estimate in Edmonton!


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