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Your home’s siding in Edmonton is the first line of defence against the elements. If it isn’t in good shape you are inviting a host of problems into your home that could become very costly down the road.

Let’s take a look at three signs your home’s siding is in need of repair in Edmonton:

  1. Visible outdoor damage. Depending on what material your Edmonton siding is made of and how old it is, damage can manifest differently. For example, wood siding can show rot, warping, rusting nails and peeling, blistering or fading finish. Vinyl siding in Edmonton may eventually show signs of weathering from sun exposure and warping, while Masonite siding will have a tendency to crack and crumble at the edges. Metal siding may become scratched and buckle. All siding will eventually show its age as joints separate and ends become exposed as caulking cracks and dries. Or maybe you’ve suffered hail or wind damage? Regardless of the visible damage, the result is the same—weather infiltration—and this can spell disaster for a home.

  2. Signs of damage indoors. Problems associated with bad siding in Edmonton can also appear indoors. Does the air in some of the rooms in your home smell musty? Does your family suffer from airborne allergens? This could be a sign that mould has gotten into your walls and that your siding has lost its capacity to keep moisture out. In more advanced cases of water infiltration, you may find black mould growing around windows and along baseboards. Paint and wallpaper might also peel and blister. If this is the case, you are very likely due for urgent siding repair in Edmonton.

  3. Insects and various other pests. If you’ve noticed evidence of termites or carpenter ants around your foundation, deck or on wood fencing near your home, it may be time to carry out a complete inspection of your home. These insect pests, along with mice, rats and squirrels can find their way behind old siding and make their home there. They will not only destroy your wood or Masonite siding, but may also work their way inside your walls and home and create further damage there

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