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Home Exteriors

Are you renovating your property? Designing your home’s exteriors can be a complicated process. You can make your house appear more expensive by focusing on architectural details such as sidings, beams, and moldings. Your choice of colours, doors, and windows can make a huge difference to your property. At Classic Exteriors in Edmonton, we offer siding, insulation, and other exterior renovation solutions to our clients.

A home’s exterior can leave a lasting impression on your visitors and passersby. It offers an insight into your personal style and taste. Opting for any of the following exterior design trends will allow your house to possess a modern and expensive look. 

Opt For a Classic Colour Scheme

It is essential to pick a palette with timeless value while choosing a colour scheme for your home’s exterior. Neutral hues are always a great choice. They add style, elegance and sophistication to your property. Go for a warm beige colour, or a white and soft yellow or any other similar hues to help create an inviting ambience. Select a colour scheme complementing the architectural components you don’t want to change.

Choose Bold Accents

A neutral colour scheme will allow the use of bolder and eye-catching accents. Introduce conspicuous stylish accents to break the monotony and add character to your home. However, accents can create an exaggerated look. So, don’t go overboard with them. You can choose a stunning, complementary colour for your entrance door. Opt for another similar hue for the window shutters. By doing this, you can create a balanced contrast which radiates elegance and harmony.

Subtle Lighting

Exterior lighting should be subtle and intimate to create an ambiance of warmth and sophistication. This will help you set the mood and illuminate your home’s features. Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures is important to create a visual appeal. Go for a traditional lantern or elegant pendant lights for your front entrance. Install low-voltage lights along your garden to keep your property bright and welcoming.

Install Chic Entrances

You should style your front door as it is the focal point of your home’s exterior. Give it a new look by repainting it in a bolder hue, creating a true design statement. Change the hardware to add appeal to your place. Replacing the door with a new one could be a wise investment. But make sure you pick an appropriate material and style. There are plenty of modern solutions you can use to add a sense of elegance to your property.

Mix and Match

You can create a stunning contrast of textures and patterns by mixing and matching different materials. For instance, use vinyl siding for your house while adding a touch of stone or brick around the entryway. This will create a more distinguished look. Vinyl is a popular home exterior trend and is low-cost and low-maintenance. Talk to experts from your siding company in Edmonton for creative ideas on home exteriors.

Select the Right Window Frames

Adhere to your property’s architectural style while choosing windows. Paint your mullions and frames to lend colour to the exterior of your home. Customizing windows can be a great option if you want them to match the other detailing in your place. Determine the shape, proportion, and grille work matching your unique tastes while designing windows. Look for windows which will let in light while not providing direct viewing angles from the outdoors.

Pick the Right Siding

There are several different siding options available in the market these days. The growing interest in blending textures, colours, and styles has led to manufacturers increasing their offerings. Dark colours such as deep shades of brown, black and gray are in trend. You must ensure the siding has the versatility to meet the varied demands of your project. At Classic Exteriors, our products are available in a wide range of design options and colours.

You don’t require a fortune to make your home look more expensive. You can boost your property’s curb appeal and enhance its elegance by making several simple upgrades. Classic Exteriors has over 30 years of experience in renovating home exteriors. If you want your house to look esthetically pleasing, contact us today!


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