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Ladies and gentleman, the verdict is in, popular new designs for the exterior of your home are here for 2018 and they are gorgeous. Whether you are looking to shake up the colour of your home into something a little more modern, or to completely change the outer material of your house, there’s something to fit the tastes of any would-be exterior renovations in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

At Classic Exteriors, we take your unique design ideas and bring them to life. Let us show you the top design ideas for the exterior of your home for the coming year:

Red Bricks

Red brick is back, but unlike anyway you’ve seen it before. While it’s had its merit in the past, with old buildings and historical sites, its use in modern suburbia has left it with a significantly lackluster reputation. But it’s back. Instead of using it to build entire houses, it’s simply being used to highlight and enhance a buildings outer form by creating patterns and contrasts on its exterior. This will bring a warm and homey finish that’s sure to dazzle onlookers from all around. An example can be matching the red bricks with grey colour vinyl sidings

Grand Entrances

Long gone are the days when houses were guarded by large gates with elaborate patterns of steel bars and pointed tops. Well, guess what? They’re back in style. As part of your home renovations, spice up your courtyard with an exciting security door that's more than just functional. Make your home look like a palace; the only limits are the limits set by your homeowners association. To complete this look, Classic Exteriors offers custom front entrance doors that are energy efficient, with numerous styles, stains and colours available. 

Green Space

While it’s seen by most as being hard work with little pay-off, maintaining some green space around the exterior of your home is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Consider planting an array of flowers and bushes in your garden for some added colour and to help fill out the empty spaces on your land. 

Colour Trends

Until now, most modern homes have included multiple colours in their exterior design (on doors, windows, borders, etc.). But with the arrival of the New Year, many designers are choosing one solid colour as opposed to the more traditional approach. There is a huge rise in homes painted in solid black or white. This helps draw attention to the specific architectural qualities of your home.


Particular attention is being paid to texture these days. Contrasting textures and self-patterned textures are increasing in popularity in home renovation projects and are even beginning to compete against more traditional materials like brick. 

For all you exterior home renovations, come visit us at Classic Exteriors. Our experts in Edmonton will make all your design dreams a reality. Call us today to receive a quote and to find out more about our products and services.


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