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Are you in need of a siding repair? Edmonton homeowners can trust in the expertise of Classic Exteriors. For nearly 30 years, our team has been repairing storm- and hail-battered siding, as well as home exteriors that have taken a toll from Alberta’s unforgiving winters. We can even handle your insurance claim!

Classic Exteriors can complete nearly any type of home exterior repair, including siding, window frames, doors, insulation, soffits and fascia, as well as eavestroughs and capping. What truly sets Classic Exteriors apart from other companies offering siding repair in Edmonton is that we only use high-quality materials and employ some of the best, most meticulous practices in the industry.

If you’re ready to rejuvenate your home’s exterior and get it back to its former glory, call Classic Exteriors for a free quote on siding repair!

The Best Choice for Siding Repair in Edmonton

One of the most common forms of damage that houses sustain is damage to siding. While attractive, siding is the first line of defence for your home’s structure and often takes the brunt of a lot abuse! If your siding is broken or damaged give us a call! Did you leave your barbecue too close to your wall last summer? Did your kids whack dents in the siding with pucks during winter? Don’t worry – whatever the cause we can repair and replace damaged pieces of siding quickly, easily, and affordably.

Sometimes no one is to blame when siding becomes damaged. Adverse weather conditions can often damage siding. If siding or fascia has become loose or fallen from your house it’s essential that you get the damaged repaired as quickly as possible. Leaving wood exposed underneath runs the risk of rot, which can have disastrous consequences for the structural integrity of your home, and your wallet. We can also handle insurance claims for storm, wind and hail damage. We provide free quotes before providing siding repair in Edmonton. By repairing the damage quickly you limit the potential effects of exposure, and get your house back to looking great again.

If the damage to your home’s exterior requires a multi-day repair project, we will pick up after ourselves at the close of each workday. After your exterior repair project is completed, we will perform a thorough sweep of the property to ensure no scraps or work materials have been left behind.

Additional Services

If you need help with insurance claims we can help. We’ve helped countless clients file and understand insurance claims on their property! Just give our service team a call. We have an entire department that is dedicated to ensuring that you get exactly the type of service you need. We’ll dispatch a fully loaded truck with all the tools necessary to carry out your siding repair. So, if you need repairs, don’t delay — call us now for your free quote!

Our team can repair everything on your home exteriors except glass panes and roof tiles, although, we would be more than happy to recommend someone for the job.

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