Installing Insulation

Insulation Consultations for Edmonton Homeowners

Our insulation service begins with an in-depth consultation to determine which outside insulation solution is right for your home. In addition to determining the required amount of insulation (ranging between 1/2” to 2 1/2”), we also help you understand the impact of R-value, condensation and air tightness on your home’s insulation. We make sure that your home’s insulation project is done right the first time!

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Reasons Why Proper Insulation is Important

There are so many reasons why having the right amount of home insulation in Edmonton is important. First and foremost, you can avoid higher utility bills by eliminating cold and warm drafts and inconsistent room temperatures. Having newer insulation also reduces the signs of aging on your home’s exterior and helps eliminate the likelihood of unwanted pest infestations. Proper insulation also prevents water from heavy rains and snows from seeping through your roof and/or walls and causing unexpected damages.

Install Insulation This Winter and Feel Cozy

While you might typically associate renovation work with the warmer spring and summer months, insulation can actually be installed on the outside of your walls during the fall and winter months, and you’ll feel so much cozier inside your home once it’s all said and done. Contact Classic Exteriors for an estimate in the Edmonton area!

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